First Time Sex Experience

This story begins with a college girl who had never had a boyfriend. She was not good looking and her physical body was not attractive, as she was quite overweight. All her friends were quite beautiful and had boyfriends. She realized that all of them had lost their virginity. The girl kept on wanting to have her first sexual experience, but no one wanted to date her. One day she decided to visit the website https://londonxcity/escorts for male escorts. She came up with a good deal and hired a male escort to help her lose her virginity.

The day came and they met in a hotel. They talked for a few minutes as the girl was a bit nervous. The escort could see it all over her face. However, he told her not to worry, as he is an experienced person in that area. The girl had many questions that she kept on asking. The escort got closer to the girl, and kissed her as she removed her clothes. This made the girl tremble and she started breathing very fast.

The escort made her to lie on her back on the bed. He started licking her pussy, getting her ready for his cock. The girl was moaning gently as she got horny. The escort was licking her clit gently while he played with her nipples with his hands. She was so ready to feel his hard cock in her pussy that she begged him not to make her wait. So he took his dick and started teasing the girl. He started rubbing her clit with his dick.

The girl gasped upon feeling the dick on her pussy. Since her pussy was wet, the escort started by sliding his dick inside. He did so gently at first because she was a virgin. He inserted his dick inside and she had a sharp pain. The girl screamed loudly, and the professional escort was on her lips kissing her.

He rubbed inside and outside gently until all the pain was gone. She was so curious to see the blood on the dick and her pussy, as a mark of her lost virginity. The escort wiped it away gently with a bathroom towel. He put his cock back in her pussy and she felt the pain and pleasure melt into one. This time it was more fun and the girl enjoyed it to the fullest. She promised to catch up again with the escort.…