Album Cover
This is a Tree
Released: Jun 12, 2014
Track Listing
1 Smudging
2 How Much is Too Much
3 Vultures
4 Nowadays
5 Nostalgia
6 Dead Hands
7 Fig
8 Metaphysical Fist-Pound

Liner Notes

All music written, arranged, and performed by Kabob-o-taj: 
Jason Altomare - bass 
Ryan Buell – guitar, vocals 
Wesley Meyer – vocals, synths, flugelhorn, seprewa 
Rob Wolk – drum set, percussion, synth 

Executive Produced by Paul Dorin 
Produced by Kabob-o-taj 
Engineering, Mixing, and additional Production by Mikko Goodhill 
Mastered by Kit Benz 
Artwork and layout by Kabob-o-taj 

Extra cymbals, snares, and percussion were kindly lent to Rob by Tom Goldstein, Ari Mazziotta, Chris Murphy, and Michelle Purdy 
Extra recording gear was kindly lent to us by Mike Franklin 

All music was recorded at the Altomare family cabin September 27 – 29, 2013. 
Additional vocals and flugelhorn were recorded October 13th, 20th at Wes’ parents house and April 5th 2014 at Goodhill Studios. 

The house this album was recorded in is Jason’s family vacation home located in the hills of McHenry, Maryland. His mother and the houses architect, Marylynn Placet, took an old hunting shack and turned it into a beautiful country home. The houses high ceilings made it easy for us to record live, in the same room, while getting good separation between instruments. The high windows gave us a constant view of the gorgeous landscape, which you can see on the cover. The isolated environment helped keep us focused and relaxed. Parts of the record were recorded with a fire lit. Vocals were recorded on the front porch, looking at the mountain. If you listen carefully, you can hear flames and birds. Marylynn was no longer with us at the time of recording and this album is dedicated to her memory. 

Thank you to everyone that comes to shows, shares our music, and continues to support us. You know who you are. We can’t do this without you. You’re helping our childhood dreams become reality.


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