Album Cover
Released: Feb 20, 2013
Track Listing
1 Intro
2 Mothmen
3 New Sense
4 Sabishii
5 Too Much Jazz
6 Reaction Formation
7 Savta/Cumulonimbus
8 Nod

Liner Notes

All music composed, arranged, and edited by Kabob-o-taj

Produced by Kabob-o-taj

Engineered by Paul Dorin

Mixed by Mikko Goodhill

Mastered by Drew Mazurek (

Additional engineering by Henry Everitt

Guitars, bass, and drums recorded live on March 10th at Inner Ear Studios

Vocals, Trumpets, and additional Guitars recorded on March 11th at Inner Ear Studios

Percussion recorded on April 28th at The Hanger

Strings and Gongs recorded on April 30th at UMBC Studios

Thanks to Don Zientara and Inner Ear Studios; Jessica, Dori, and Mike for incidental party noise on Intro and Sabishii; Lionel and Gaye Meyer, for letting us abuse your house; Scotch and Bourbon; all our friends and family who have supported us.


Headphone listening is strongly recommended