The Brunt

I've fallen through I've fallen away

And there's not a thing that you could say

That would ever make me want to stay

I've taken the force I've taken the brunt

I don't really mean to be so blunt

But I never could win the games you play

I keeping my mind in order

I'm keeping my heart in check

I'm thinking nothing can stop me

Nothing has yet.

I've spent countless hours of precious time

Praying that some day you would be mine

But that isn't happening today.

I never wanted it to hurt so bad

When I think of all the things we had

I feel our love has led me astray

I keep tripping on my self

Falling through the cracks

I lost track of who I was

And now I'm coming back

I'm slipping further down

Drowning in the days

Found myself a way out

To break away these chains